Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where I'm at....

This vegan thing is pretty new to me. I've racked up a whole 4 or 5 months under my belt.

I have been the solo vegetarian in my family for 15+ years. Toyed with the idea of a vegan diet for years(?), maybe seriously in the last year, and finally it felt like the right time about 4 months ago. I wish I had done it sooner because I know it's right for me.

I've come to realize that with changes like this, it's ok to go in small steps. So I feel OK about taking so long to get to this point.

There is always room for improvement....I'm trying to avoid packaged food as much as I possibly can. Finding quick and easy things that will please young children is always on my radar screen. Got to plan ahead or it's cereal for dinner (and hey, that's OK now and again).

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