Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chocolate Chip Bars - becomes cake

Here it is, the final remnant of a fabulous batch of Chocolate Chip Bars from How it all Vegan (HIAV).

HIAV recipes always work out well for me, even after playing around with them. This one called for 1 full cup of oil - knowing I would likely be eating at least 1/3 of the batch and still trying to trim my waistline, I swapped out half of that oil with soy yogurt. The recipe said to "pour" the batter into the pan...well, it wasn't anywhere near pourable so I added nearly 1/2 a cup more liquid.

And who can remember what flours I used! A bit of this, a bit of that! (Barley, unbleached all purpose and some spelt I think).

The end result was a slightly healthier chocolate chip cake that was extremely moist and delicious and didn't last long.

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