Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Mayhem!

Braved the crowds weekend before last and went downtown to check out all the Olympic action. Well, no actual sporting events in person...but it's practically like Expo in the city, there is so much to see and do.

I must admit, having no children along, it was more or less "house" to "house" (aka very fancy beer tent to very fancy beer tent). Street party atmosphere at every turn. I saw some great looking food, as you probable guessed, not all that much vegan outside of all things deep fried. I found out later that Saskatchewan House had a fantastic lentil burger on offer - well hooray my Sask friends, as your logo says, you are the "pulse of the nation". Wish I had tried it!

I did have a half dozen samosas over the few days from various Indian food vendors...meal of champions. And I found a new spice vendor from North Van who had a table set up at the night market - I've got 3 new spice blends to try out.

Here's the torch being passed runner to runner in Chilliwack...

View from the north side of the Art Gallery - Fur Protesters...

View from the other side of the Art Gallery - packed! Zip line overhead, skating at Robson Square (under dome), people everywhere.

First Nations House (outside QE Theatre)...looks amazing at night.

Sochi House (at Science World) and Athlete's Village around the bend on south side of False Creek.

One of the many vendors at the Night Market...found a few tasty vegan nibbles..

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