Friday, January 21, 2011

New on the Shelf...

Party Vegan and VCTOTW! Yay, they finally arrived!

VCTOTW: I know it has been around for a while now, and I have been able to try at least 4 recipes from it in the last few years. Since those I tried were such huge successes I knew I wanted to try all 75 incredible looking treats in the book. It really needed a spot on my cookbook shelf, and looks great there I might add. I look forward to my non-veg*n friends & family marveling over how beautiful baking IS in the vegan world!

Another incentive, it's my son's 4th birthday next week - cupcakes are on the menu and I've promised a practice run tonight. Deciding what to make is really the issue now.

Party Vegan: The first Robin Robertson recipe I tried was her Belgian-style Seitan Stew, which I think I may have blogged about here last year. It is a fantastic recipe, and since then I've become a fan. Party Vegan is a very cool book, especially if you like to have people over for eats. It's laid out by the type of gathering, such as 'a picnic lunch', 'Halloween' and 'Potluck', and my favourite, 'curry for company'. But if you're just looking for soup recipes, you can flip to the index for a list. Another really handy feature is 'recipes by category', where recipes are listed by type along with a handy classification of being either 'make ahead' and/or 'quick and easy'. My one wee criticism would be that they could have included page numbers here to save having to flip to the index. But this is a super feature none the less.

First up, planning on the Party Punch for birthday celebrations next Sunday, maybe the corn muffins too. Once the birthday craziness has subsided, I think the Creamy Noodle & Vegetable Bake, from the potluck section will be next.

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